Monday, 20 January 2014

An epetition for UK residents to HM Government concerning the 1921 Census for England and Wales

The national  census for 1921 of England and Wales is vitally important to family historians worldwide. Given the loss of 1931 and 1941 national census a generation of growing future family historians will have to rely on data in the 1921 census to assist them for decades. The next available census is the 1951 census scheduled for release in 2051.
In view of this I have supported an e petition and would encourage any UK resident to do so as well to ask the Government to relax the 100 year rule on public release so that this data could be partially released before 2022. The 1911 census was partially released early with sensitive details not visible but enabling the household members to be identified.
I am  grateful to Ian Hartas at his UKBMD site for offering me the link for the e petition 1921 census epetition and would urge all with an interest in family history to support the petition. You can opt to be kept informed by email of the progress of the petition.
I have a personal interest in the 1921 census as it is the only remaining record source likely to identify a severely disabled child who was cared for by my maternal Great Aunt and her husband. My Grandfather's brother who died in 1918 was father of the illegitimate child whose mother could not cope with a severely disabled child (surname unknown). I have a picture of her at the couples wedding but neither the registration district or local authority has record of her and we could not identify a burial place. We do know the given names by which family members knew her but this was not the name used officially.