Sunday, 11 January 2015

Doctor Thomas Ilott live births for Penge Common 1809-1815

I am grateful to London Metropolitan Archive for assistance in my efforts to try to match the records contained in the Folio C account of Thomas Ilott held at Bromley Archives reference 617/1 with possible parish entries.
Ilott records live births at Penge Common,Elmsend (now called Elmers End) and Monks Orchard. Each of these was situated in the area which formed a detached part of the Ancient Parish of Battersea Saint Mary. There is evidence in Battersea parish records of baptisms giving the abode of "the hamlet of Penge" but not for any of the entries in Ilott. Sydenham births are included in the Lewisham Saint Mary Bishops Trancripts and one birth at Sydenham was located in this way.
There was agreement that the nearest parish church for Penge Common was Beckenham and this is where most children were indeed baptised. However church fire at Beckenham and the fragile state of the fire and water damaged original poses a challenge for the researcher. I am currently working on a transcript using the Ilott dates of birth and surnames to fill in material now lost in the original to arrive at a transcript which matches chidren to parents.
Ilott records 10 children born at Elmsend of these the Beckenham parish register records baptism of six of these children.
There are 3 children of the same family at Monks Orchard recorded by Ilott one of whom is baptised at Beckenham.
There are 6 chidren baptised at Beckenham and only two who cannot be identified as baptised; a further child recorded by Ilott cannot be identified in the year of birth in the fire and water damaged Beckenham register for 1809 or subsequently.