Sunday, 11 January 2015

Doctor Thomas Ilott live births in Lewisham parish 1809-1814

I am grateful to London Metropolitan Archives (and Lewisham Archives) for their assistance in identifying those of the Ilott live births contained in the surviving Lewisham Saint Mary Bishop's transcripts. For those seeking Lewisham baptisms  in the period from 1799-1821 the original parish registers were lost in the church fire of 1831 and the surviving Bishops Transcripts were the ony record to search for the years 1809-1814.
Fortunately the Ilott Folio C held at Bromley Archives reference 617/1 has now been transcribed for publication at Kent Online Parish clerks and I hope that my transcript will not only provide a record source for those baptised in Lewisham Ancient Parish but those children born at Southend and Rushey Green who were not baptised in either Bromley or Lewisham parishes.
Fortunately for those who are unable to visit London Metropolitan Archives readily to examine the Bishop's Transcripts LMA have published images of the two series online in partnership with Ancestry. Ancestry images can be viewed in different browsers and some parts of images may not be clear. I have found that by adjusting zoom I can generally overcome problems but it is also possible to run a basic viewer to reveal the whole image.
Ilott records a total of 28 children delivered to families at Southend and Rushey Green. Of that total 16 children are not recorded in the Bishops Transcripts of the parish. The dozen recorded baptisms have 5 children recorded at Rushey green the remainder at Southend.
The availability of an accurate date of birth and surname of a child in the medical ledger may assist those facing no apparent record of the child of identified parents.
The transcripts of the ledger is available in three parts due to the size of the ledger. The transcripts of the ledger are under other records on the Bromley parish page Kent Online Parish Clerks Household Accounts part 1 Kent Online Parish Clerks household accounts part 2 Kent Online Parish Clerks Household Accounts part 3 and are organised alphabetically.
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